NO SURPRISES! – is a set of digital instructions that allow your employees not only to get acquainted with the most important work rules, procedures and other documents, but also to digitally collect confirmations of acquaintance. The content of the documents and instructions was prepared by the law firm TRINITI JUREX, and the electronic format and learning methodology were applied by digital education experts from TALENTATOR. Instructions are available in Lithuanian, English and Russian.


The purpose is to familiarise Employees with the basic requirements for occupational safety and health in the workplace

Rights and obligations of the employer and employee in the field of occupational safety

The purpose is to determine the compensation for pecuniary and non-pecuniary damage caused to the Company by the violation of the duties of its employees and the grounds for deduction from remuneration.

Redress procedure

The purpose is to acquaint the Employees with the procedure and requirements for working from a place of work other than at the Company.

Remote work rules 

The aim is to ensure equal treatment of Employees and applicants for employment both before and after the conclusion of an employment contract.

Policy of equal opportunities

The purpose is to ensure proper processing, protection and notification about the processing of the personal data of employees.

Rules for protection of personal data

The purpose is to familiarise the Employees with the procedure of work in the Company, to provide basic information about work, rest, rights and obligations of the Employees.

Internal work regulations

The purpose is to protect the Company’s confidential information and to make Employees aware of how it should be handled.

Protection of confidential information

The purpose is to introduce the Company’s procedure for granting leave, which regulates the conditions related to the granting of leave applicable to employees working under employment contracts.

Leave procedure

The purpose is to establish the procedure specifying how, when and to whom employees may submit requests relating to the reconciliation of family and work responsibilities, and the basic principles and guidelines for the processing of such requests.

Procedure for submission and examination of requests

The purpose is to establish the rules and procedures for the use of information and communication technologies, as well as for the monitoring and control of employees, and monitoring procedure.

Procedure for the use of information and communication technologies


Your administration will no longer need to inform the staff individually and collect their signatures after acquainting them with the important documents – the system will do everything for you. After the employees read and understand the instructions, the likelihood of potential disputes or incidents will be reduced, and the company will be able to rely on the legitimacy of the content of the digital instructions if any problems do occur.


Employees will enjoy clear information, attractive design, and easy text navigation on a computer or mobile phone. Short snippets of text with illustrations and interactive assignments will make it easier to process and apply at work.


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You will be able to see in the system which employees have gone through the entire set of instructions and confirmed that they have familiarised with the document and which have not.

You can publish them in all SCORM format-compatible learning management systems (LMS) you have in place in your company. We can also create a web link, but this way you will not be able to follow the process of employees familiarising with the instructions and will have to collect signatures yourself.

We have the opportunity to rent an easy to operate learning management system (LMS).

The training has special instructions on how to navigate through the training and what to do to find out certain information, so the instructions will be clear to both beginners and advanced users.

It is not necessary. We will advise you on which instructions may be most useful for your company.

In the training program you are using, we will easily update the information for you, and you will be able to present the updated documents to employees and collect signatures in the same way as you did the first time.

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